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As a progressive marketing agency, we get people excited

This is our aspiration. Our philosophy. And our mission.

We activate brands and markets. With expertise, experience and commitment.

Intelligently, sensitively, aesthetically and innovatively.



arsmedium is an exceptional agency. With ambitious clients, projects, and teams.

Modern marketing is highly complex. Good ideas can only enjoy maximum success if the people involved and the technology used work hand-in-glove.

Clients who are open to intensity and proximity are rewarded by arsmedium with a quality of service which repeatedly sets new benchmarks with its economic and communicative value.


The value of an agency is defined by the people who work together there.

Marketing & advertising agencies offer abstract products. Thought up by human brains. By men and women whose personal standards conform to the standards of arsmedium. Specialists and professionals with experience and motivation. Colleagues who give their all. As individuals. With character and personality.

Exceptional ideas are born of diversity.


arsmedium is an independent, owner-managed group of agencies which focuses primarily on dialog-based marketing.

We base our work on a three-part value creation strategy – Emotional Brand Marketing – which combines an innovative marketing mix, an uncompromising focus on brands, and a framework of biological, emotional elements from psychology and neuromarketing.

For this purpose, three specialist units work hand-in-glove: Brand, Performance, and Content. From analyzing, advising, and developing a strategy through to generating ideas, concepts, and designs, through to stage managing production and monitoring success in all current media and channels. And from positioning to content management.

When I buy a product, I generally choose a brand that suits my personality. In my work, I simply change my perspective.

Robert Puchalla Consultancy . arsmedium | brand

It’s so annoying when I can’t find things on a website in the places I expect to find them! Optimizing user experiences and usability are never-ending processes.

Stefan Prölß Creative Director . arsmedium | performance

Together with friends, I enjoy analyzing how it is that people spends hours surfing on the Internet. How they find new things and share these with their friends. Just because they find it interesting.

Fabian Bach Software development . arsmedium | content


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